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LIFTANT - Firmness, Elasticity & Radiance

The LIFTANT formula is a luxurious combination of 15 ingredients: 4 fermented ingredients, and 11 others, including those found in the skin and in nature. An essential addition to your beauty routine, LIFTANT Firming Serum is a targeted serum that tightens and firms skin, creating skin that feels soft and bouncy.

Main Ingredients

1. Fermented resveratrol

  • Resveratrol is a type of polyphenol, and can be found in grape skin and buds.
  • It is a popular ingredient commonly incorporated in ageing care cosmetics.
  • Fermented resveratrol is produced through fermentation with yeast.
  • It gives skin a bouncy firmness and also creates translucent, radiant skin that appears to glow.

2. Fermented aged placenta

  • Refers to placenta extract–obtained from the placentas of high-grade SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) pigs—which is fermented and matured with yeast and black strap powder.
  • Fermented aged placenta contains sialic acid, which is known to be the main component of swallows’ nests (a premium beauty ingredient).
  • It smoothens skin texture, and brightens and moisturises dull skin.

3. Fermented argan oil

  • Argan oil is a high-quality cosmetic oil containing oleic acid and other components. It is a raw product from the seed of the argan tree, which grows only in the arid region of southwestern Morocco.
  • Fermented argan oil has improved cosmetic functions, and helps to keep skin soft, moisturised, and smooth.

4. Fermented rose honey

  • Honey from the Bulgarian damask rose, also known as queen of the roses, is fermented with acetic bacteria extracted from peach blossoms.
  • Fermentation enriches the nutrient content of the honey and can help to soften the skin’s mild keratin layer.
  • Fermented rose honey also keeps skin soft, radiant, and smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use LIFTANT?

LIFTANT targets skin concerns due to ageing, especially in relation to skin firmness and elasticity. It is designed for people in their late 30s who are worried about ageing. However, it is also suitable for anyone with similar concerns, regardless of age.

Can LIFTANT be used all year round, regardless of season?

Yes. Approximately 3-4 pumps are sufficient for a single application on the entire face. However, you may vary the usage quantity as required.

Is LIFTANT suitable for all skin types?

LIFTANT is suitable for all skin types. Our skin changes with age, our body’s constitution, our living environment, and the climate. The product quantity used should be adjusted according to your current skin condition.

* People with eczema or sensitive skin are nevertheless recommended to carry out a patch test to check the compatibility of the product with their skin.

Can I use LIFTANT with products from other companies?

Yes, you can. As LIFTANT is a serum, please use it after toner.

How long does one bottle of LIFTANT last?

Approximately one month if you use 3 pumps every morning and night.

Can I transfer LIFTANT to another container?

As transferring the LIFTANT contents into another container could lead to the unforeseen growth of bacteria or alter the quality of the product, you are advised against doing so.

How long is the shelf life of LIFTANT (opened and unopened)?

The shelf life of an unopened product is 3 years from date of manufacture. Even if the product is unopened, you are advised to keep it away from extreme high and low temperatures and direct sunlight.

After opening the products, please do not store them away, but use them as soon as possible. The quality of a cosmetic product can be maintained only if they are properly stored and used. Please keep lid tightly closed after use and store the product away from extremely high or low temperatures and direct sunlight.

Can men use LIFTANT?

Yes, they can.


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Liftant Details

Directions for Use

Use 3-4 pumps every morning and night after toner. 

1, With your hands, apply serum to face following toner. Starting from the centre, apply serum all over face, moving upwards.

2. With your palms, massage entire face with lifting motions to further blend the serum in.

30 ml per bottle 

List Price: $170 

Please call +65 9652 6095 for monthly promotion